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Michael J.

"Heather was fun, easy and professional to speak with.  When speaking with her she gave me the confidence I needed and the reassurance that my goals were not only reasonable but achievable! After applying the diet she mentioned I was able to not only lose fat, grow muscle but I gained a new appreciation for food. It's amazing to stay motivated when your food is not only healthy but tasty!"

Hind R.

“Heather has helped me tremendously with looking at my diet as a lifestyle and including exercise in my routine. She suggested a treadmill at home because I work from home and don’t like gyms. It’s been a lifesaver, I have SO much more energy during the day. Thank you Heather!”

Mike F.

"I got referrals to four nutritionists when I was looking for dietary support to reduce the risk of a recurrence of cancer. They all looked good, and I chose Heather because she understands the naturopathic, integrated, functional approach, right here in East Contra Costa.


I told her I wanted a diet that would make my system inhospitable to cancer, be affordable, be a reasonable amount of work, and be enjoyable to eat.

She told me what I needed to eat to reduce my risk, and it was a big change; I didn't feel that I could do it all at once. She gave me an interim diet that was a big improvement over what I had been eating, and after a few months, my tastes had changed, and I was ready to go with the original diet.


Today, I enjoy my diet very much, I am proficient at the food prep, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and my blood tests indicate that I remain in remission.

I am grateful to Heather for her expertise in nutrition, and for her understanding and patience while I came to speed on my new diet."

Heather I.

People come to the decision to hire a nutritionist for different reasons.  Mine was simply to achieve my healthiest me for my daughter’s wedding.  I had gained weight and bad habits over several years of cleaning my children’s plates and giving in to cravings.  I always believed I had will power, but I had gone so far down the path of unhealthy habits that I needed guidance.  Heather helped me relearn how to eat and exercise through a combination of menu plans, instruction, and inspiration.  I chose Heather because of her qualifications as both a certified nutritionist, and also a personal trainer.  With her guidance I was able to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off.  I learned so much about what I should eat and when.  Each body is different and there truly is a different formula for each of us.  With a professional nutritionist like Heather on your side, you will be able to find that balance and achieve your goals.  All you have to do is listen!

Jessica M.

With Heather's help, I was not only able to lose 10 pounds (and still losing), I was finally able to establish an understanding of what it means to make myself and health goals a priority. I have always struggled with negative self image and weight, but am starting to love who I see in the mirror and I'm looking forward to using Heather's amazing recipes and exercise regimens to continue slimming down.

I would recommend Heather to everyone looking to jumpstart their life in a healthy way and put themselves first!

Janet B.

Working with Heather I learned how nutritious and healing real food can be. I've recently given up sugar and processed foods, including soda and diet soda. I've lost over 30 pounds. But better than the weight loss is how great I feel. My out-of-control diabetes is completely controlled now. My A1C has gone down from over 10 to 6.5. My doctor has taken me off over half of my meds. Heather knows what she's talking about. Just look at the incredible example she sets. Thank you Heather.

Monica G.

“Heather helped me understand ingredients better, provided me with a helpful grocery list with meal plans and some great recipes.  After losing 40 pounds, and having more energy, working on my nutrition has become a life-changing experience for me!”

Reyne G.

"Heather has been such an endless source of health and fitness information for me.  Anytime I have a question on a new diet or supplement that I want to try, she's the first one I go to for her advice on what she thinks about it.  Heather is a sweetheart and is so passionate about what she does.  Her passion is contagious!!  She is so committed to helping others reach their full potential.  She has definitely been a great motivator for me through the years.  She got me started on my journey, and even though I've taken over my health and fitness journey, I still call upon her on occasion for her advice and motivation when I need it.  I highly recommend Heather as your life long nutrition and fitness consultant"

Den J.

“ Heather is amazing! So supportive and intuitive. She definitely knows what she's talking about and will get you headed in the right direction. Obviously with any fitness plan or dietary change, the commitment has to come from you, but she is an endless source of knowledge and information. I'm much better off now and much closer to my goals that I was prior to meeting her.”

Cheryl M.

“ Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and help me to become a healthier person.  With your guidance and suggestions on nutrition you have helped change not only our eating habits, but our lifestyle as well.  And with that change, you have enabled us to add years to our lives.  That is a gift far beyond any I have ever received. Your passion for nutrition is contagious!”

Lupe H.

“ Heather is the Green Queen! She has changed the way I shop for groceries. She gave me great ideas on how to add more greens to my meals. I had high blood pressure and she gave me a list of foods to eat and to avoid. Thanks to Heather my family and I are eating healthier!”

Kerry F.

“ I can’t thank you enough for all of your nutrition advice. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, it has been a great change in my life!”

Lynn G.

“ Heather thrives off of improving the lives of children and teaching families how to live a much healthier lifestyle.  Her caring personality and bright smile make her a joy to work with!”

Kelly C.

“ I have lost 47 lbs. and have become a regular at the gym.  I truly believe that my life has changed for the better, thank you again I am truly grateful!”

Monica G.

“ Heather helped me understand ingredients better, provided me with a helpful grocery list with meal plans and some great recipes.  After losing 40 pounds, and having more energy, working on my nutrition has become a life changing experience for me!”

Balkaran A.

“ Heather took me to Trader Joe’s and patiently walked me through each section, not only reading calories, but also reading labels and looking for ingredients specific to my nutritional needs.  She has made me comfortable in food selection at the grocery store.  Heather is an amazing nutritionist, very knowledgeable and in tune with your needs.  I strongly recommend her, she will stick with you and help you follow through to reach your goals……like she has done for me”

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